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We always enjoy carpet cleaning day with Cardinal Cleaning Systems. For one thing, they do a very professional job; the carpets, rugs and furniture are given great care. Russ and his crew are good communicators. They show up when they are expected, work quickly and leave everything fresh and clean. The low-moisture process ensures quick dry time, too. The best thing about working with Cardinal, though, is that they are just nice people who will go the extra mile to help out. Fun people who provide a wonderful service.

Tina Forsberg, Greensboro NC


Which system to choose for carpet cleaning and maintenance? As a long time restaurant operator historically I have opted for steam cleaning resulting in carpet wrinkling and quick re-soiling. I was approached by Cardinal Cleaning with a new ‘dry extraction system’ with the promise of slower re-soiling, shorter down time and no water damage and they delivered. I have switched from a monthly cleaning cycle to quarterly cleaning and have enjoyed cleaner, better smelling carpets that stay cleaner longer. Thanks guys!

The Melting Pot Restaurant
Joseph Sena
General Manager



Russ Dunn with Cardinal Cleaning recently cleaned an extremely large sofa and area rug in my home. He made sure to pre-test the fabrics first and was very thorough in the cleaning process. I am thrilled with the results and would highly recommend him and his company for small as well as large jobs. He also recently cleaned the upholstery in a 7,000 square foot office suite in the building where I am the leasing manager with high reviews from the tenants. Cardinal Cleaning Systems' knowledge, professionalism and
competitive pricing would definitely lead me to use them again for residences as well as businesses.

-Susy Wrenn, Greensboro, NC



Our twin terror of Chiweenies and their partner in crime, the cat, had really given our carpet a working over. I contacted Russ Dunn of Cardinal Cleaning Systems to see if he could help us out. He did such a great job that my wife wanted him to come back to clean our 20 year old sectional sofa and the dining room chairs. She was a happy camper after the results here too. People I work with often ask my advice on products and services, so here it is. You want someone honest and trustworthy when they come into your home. So for your carpet and upholstery cleaning needs, make sure to call Russ Dunn of Cardinal Cleaning Systems.

-M. Royal, Greensboro, NC



Just wanted to say thanks for the great cleaning you did on my carpet. It looked and felt like new. I was very impressed with how well the stained area was renewed. Your attention to detail was much appreciated. Please feel free to use me as a reference in the future.

-Jak Kranaskas, Greensboro NC



Great job on our carpets Russ Dunn!!! Our dog wrecked them last week and now they look new again! ;) You are fabulous!

-Elizabeth Hannaum Pell, Greensboro NC



Russ - The jobs you've done cleaning our carpets, and especially removing the deep stain on our entryway carpet that resulted from torrential rainfall, were exceptional. It took perseverance, follow-up and thinking outside the box, things we are confident you'll bring every time you come to Toad Hall

-Jonathan Smith, Greensboro NC



Best job ever!! Russ brought our Andy Warhol area rug back to life. Almost like new. The rest of our carpets look amazing. It didn't take days for the carpet to dry. It only took 3-4 hours. Smells fresh and clean. 5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. You're the best! Thanks Russ Dunn. :) Very satisfied customer!

-Kim Segal, Greensboro NC


They did a wonderful job on my 9-year-old carpets! They had never been cleaned but they look like new! No harsh perfume odors, just a light clean smell. I have 4 cats and a dog so they had their work cut out for them! Very pleased!

-Randall Grace, Greensboro NC

Russ Dunn of Cardinal Cleaning Systems has worked miracles on my carpet with pet stains. And he's a friendly courteous person to deal with. I highly recommend Cardinal Cleaning Systems.

-Gay White, Greensboro NC
Russ and Cardinal Cleaning Systems are the best cleaners in town. Miracle workers!!
-Ann Grant, Greensboro NC