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Restoring Commercial Carpet in Greensboro NC


Restoring commercial carpet can be tricky. It takes a lot of time and a lot of heavy traffic (with out cleaning) to bring a carpet to the point that it needs to be restored. Sometimes the carpet gets to the “bad out” stage. This is the point where the carpet has to be replaced.

Restaurant carpets really take a beating. From high traffic patterns and pivot spots to airborne grease molecules. Restoring a carpet like this can be very laborious.  

First the carpet needs to bee vacuumed wall to wall. Then applying a high traffic lane pre spray and spot cleaning. Then we perform Low Moisture Extraction to all carpet.  Sometimes cleaning twice or cleaning the high traffic lanes twice. When areas are cleaned more than once, the carpet can stay wet longer.

Sometimes, carpets that need restoring have to be cleaned once a day for a few days.


Once the carpet is restored, a regular maintenance plan is highly recommended. For example, once a year, or every six months.  When a carpet is cleaned more often, it will last longer and the appearance is much better than a carpet that never gets cleaned.


If you have a carpet that need restoring, contact Russ Dunn at:http://russ@cardinalcleaningsystems.com or visit http://cardinalcleaningsystems.com