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Removing Stubborn Stains in Greensboro NC


Some Stains are just stubborn. I took this picture at a friends house. He told me that he had done everything he could think of to remove a stain that was left behind by his roomate. As you can see in the picture above, there was a table with a round base. Around the base is an accumulation of spills. 

Here's how Cardinal Cleaning Systems can restore an area with a stubborn stain.

1.) Vacuum the area. If the fibers are stuck together, scrape the area with the vacuum wand or with a butter knife to loosen the soiled area.

2.) Pre treat the area with a pre spray or a spot cleaner to loosen soils. 

3.) Perform Low Moisture Extraction process with the Von Schrader LMX

4.) Groom fibers. 

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