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Greensboro Carpet Cleaning: High Traffic Areas


High traffic areas are very common in commercial establishments. A high traffic area occurs when there is an area that people walk on every single day. They are visible in hallways, in and out of offices, entrances, or around corners. Pivot spots are very common around a corner, near elevators, or where you turn to go in to an office.

These high traffic areas are very noticeable. Many times result in changing out the carpet. Cardinal Cleaning Systems deals with high traffic areas often in the Greensboro area. Our goal is to lengthen the life of your commercial carpet in any facility. Here’s how we do it

1.     Vacuum all carpet.

2.     Spot clean any stubborn spots or stains.

3.     Prespray all affected areas. Especially the high traffic pattern.

4.     Perform Low Moisture Extraction process. Clean high traffic area a second time if needed.



If you have an obnoxious high traffic area in your office visit cardinalcarpetcleaninggreensboro.com and set and appointment with Russ Dunn at http://www.cardinalcarpetcleaninggreensboro.com