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Cleaning abraded carpets in Greensboro NC


Not only was this carpet excessively soiled, it was also very abraded.  Abrasion occurs when dirt “sands down” carpet fibers in a high traffic area.  Most of the time, it happens where a hard surface floor meets a carpet like a kitchen floor, a bathroom floor or any hardwoods meet up with a carpet.


How to avoid abrasion? The answer is to vacuum very often. Also clean the hard surface floors more often. This keeps the “sanding” of the fibers to a minimum. Also, it is recommended to have the high traffic areas cleaned at least once a year.


In this picture, I was able to remove the dirt, soils and spots. However, the abraded high traffic pattern remained. These areas are permanent but can be avoided.


For more information about abrasion and high traffic areas, visit:http://www.cardinalcleaningsystems.com