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  Carpet Cleaning  


How It Works

The Von Schrader LMX (Low Moisture Extraction) carpet cleaning system is the best in the industry!

Here is how it works:

A: Over 150,000 soft pliable nylon bristles of this cylindrical brush assure thorough, deep-down penetration.

B: Dry foam generated in machine is deposited evenly just ahead of the brush.

C: Brush is adjustable to reach the base of any pile depth to loosen and lift soil into suspension for instant removal.

D: Powerful, built-in vacuum simultaneously extracts dirt-laden foam

The LMX system applies low moisture cleaning solution with an exclusive full bristle brush, gently loosening soil. The emulsified soil is immediately extracted with a built-in vacuum; all in one forward pass, by one person. Not only are carpets deep-cleaned faster, they dry faster than with any system

How other cleaning methods compare

You probably know there are other methods of carpet cleaning. For example, there are scrubbers that merely surface clean and just push the dirt into the carpet. And there are "steam" or other hot water extraction methods that can cause problems of shrinkage and browning. Some methods require two machines, not one. Not so with Von Schrader. Our single machine cleans deep and completely takes the dirt out. Because it uses a low moisture cleaning solution, and so little of it, carpets dry in an hour or so and are ready for use. Our Low Moisture Soil Extraction System is the only machine that cleans and extracts soil in one pass. This simultaneous operation is an important benefit and a Von Schrader exclusive. It's patented.

Why the LMX cleans best

New carpet detergents used in our machine were developed in collaboration with the largest carpet and fiber mills. In operation, as the machine glides across the carpet , a low moisture foam is generated inside the machine by mixing special cleansing ingredients and air under pressure. The foam is gently brushed deep into the carpet pile with a soft, nylon cylindrical brush. Immediately the foam embodies the dirt, holds it in suspension, and is simultaneously vacuumed out. The entire cleaning cycle is fully automatic and fast.

For more information on the Von Schrader method visit their website here.