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Extracting Sugar Base stains in Greensboro NC

    Sometimes it’s very difficult to remove stains that have been in the carpet for a long time. When a stain is a sugar base stain like, coke, beer, or juice, eventually the sugars become very... Read More »

Cleaning Red Mud Out of Carpet in Greensboro NC

Everyone knows how much of a pain in the neck red mud can be. Especially when it’s deep in our carpets. A lot of homeowners get a damp towel and rub it in even worse that it already was.  There... Read More »

Carpet Protector Pro/Cons in Greensboro NC

Carpet protector can help maintain a clean carpet for a longer period of time. However, it can be very difficult to penetrate when it is time to clean the carpets. Carpet protectors like “Scotch... Read More »

Restoring Commercial Carpet in Greensboro NC

Restoring commercial carpet can be tricky. It takes a lot of time and a lot of heavy traffic (with out cleaning) to bring a carpet to the point that it needs to be restored. Sometimes the carpet... Read More »

Cleaning abraded carpets in Greensboro NC

Not only was this carpet excessively soiled, it was also very abraded.  Abrasion occurs when dirt “sands down” carpet fibers in a high traffic area.  Most of the time, it happens where a hard... Read More »

Removing Spill stains from carpet Greensboro NC

Removing spills is easy. This picture shows a spill where, over time, the sugars in what was spilled became sticky and eventually grab dirt and soils creating an annoying spot. The best way to... Read More »

Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning For Conference Rooms in Greensboro NC

Conference rooms need to have a clean and presentable look at all times. Its necessary to have the carpets and upholstery cleaned on a regular basis to maintain a professional appearance.  ... Read More »

Removing Stubborn Stains in Greensboro NC

Some Stains are just stubborn. I took this picture at a friends house. He told me that he had done everything he could think of to remove a stain that was left behind by his roomate. As you can see... Read More »

Cardinal Cleaning Systems - Stair Cleaning, Greensboro NC

Cleaning stairs (commercial or residential) is a very detailed process. Stairs can attract a lot of dirt. Most of the time, stairs are close to the entrance of a home or commercial facility. Our... Read More »

Greensboro Carpet Cleaning: High Traffic Areas

High traffic areas are very common in commercial establishments. A high traffic area occurs when there is an area that people walk on every single day. They are visible in hallways, in and out of... Read More »

Upholstery Cleaning in Greensboro NC

This upholstered chair in a senior living facility was on it’s way to the dumpster. Chairs from lobbies, waiting rooms, and dining rooms are used daily. Over time the stains add up distracting... Read More »

Upholstery Cleaning Greensboro NC

This recliner was cleaned at a retirement home in Greensboro North Carolina.   It is very important to clean recliners that are used every single day for many reasons.   1.)  To remove dead skin... Read More »

Carpet Cleaning in Greensboro NC

Not long ago I cleaned a house in Greensboro, North Carolina where my customer's dogs slept in the hallway every night. Like any dog that loves their owners, they would sleep right outside their... Read More »

Carpet Cleaning Benefits Greensboro NC

Benefits Associated With Regular Carpet Cleaning     The carpet in your house could be among the most visible items in your home. And, it will see more traffic than nearly any other part of the... Read More »